Birthday Celebration at GK Concepcion

On March 5, Tiffany Qua organized a birthday celebration for the February and March celebrants of SAGIP participants in GK Concepcion. The celebration was in the covered basketball court and was hosted by Margaux Cobarrubias. Approximately 80 children attended and they were treated to an afternoon of games, food and prizes. The children also prepared a special dance performance to thank the hosts of the event.  Each celebrant received a birthday present while everyone received a bag filled with goodies.

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List of birthday celebrants:

  1. Reniel Lagrimas, 7 years old
  2. Shane Richmond Sainz, 7 years old
  3. Hillary Enciso, 9 years old
  4. Pauline Davan, 8 years old
  5. Alexander Ampaya, 10 years old
  6. Jinky Sainz, 9 years old
  7. Lourdes Patulot, 10 years old
  8. Bernadette Torres, 13 years old
  9. Paul Ampaya, 12 years old
  10. Roy Lagrimas, 14 years old
  11. Rica Mae Antonio, 14 years old
  12. Judy Ann Subido, 14 years old
  13. Kristina De Paz, 12 years old
  14. Trisha May Dequito, 13 years old
  15. Rica Espiritu, 12 years old
  16. John Matthew Patulot, 12 years old
  17. Aubrey Darias, 11 years old
  18. Andrea Mae Naplaza, 9 years old
  19. Von Gatchalian, 8 years old
  20. Harold Teodosio,  7 years old
  21. Yesha Fernandez, 7 years old
  22. Janna Caballero, 7 years old

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped out!


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