Pine Cup Writeup from Coach Mic

Pine Cup Results:

The kids showed all heart in the tournament.

In a 3-day festival that featured 10 top varsity teams and football clubs from around the country –including elite contingents from Ateneo, La Salle, Xavier, Don Bosco, and Palaro FC –Dream Big Pilipinas stood their ground and came away with the Fair Play Trophy.
The Gawad Kalinga-sponsored team was awarded for cleanest play and best show of sportsmanship among any other team in the 12&Under Bracket. Composed of mostly 8-11 year olds, the team not only fought valiantly against visibly larger opposition, but showed much appreciation to opposing teams through friendly interactions on and off the field. Particularly, the kids were often seen mingling with other teams for scrimmages, photo sessions, and even cheering for their new friends while awaiting their matches.
Juniel Tillor and Christpher Laroga performed exceptionally and impressed various coaches and players.

Juniel, showed flashes of brilliance with clever ball handling and quick shots on target. Breakaway opportunities nearly lead to several goals from the 11 year old –who celebrated his birthday just days before Pine Cup.

8-year old Christopher played stellar goalkeeping for the team despite giving up considerable size to opposing strikers, often standing more than 5ft tall. Measuring well under 4-feet, Christopher’s quick movement and fearless dives more than compensated for lack of size. Teams showed frustration in creating shots with Christopher stuffing attempts with early rushes, preventing shot attempts and attacks at close range.

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