Dreaming Big: Rose Sagun

When I was 4, a relative asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I thought for a moment, looked up, and beamed, “A plumber!” My family laughed, but I thought it was one heck of a dream. Of course now I know I probably should aim higher–although there is nothing wrong with a life filled with pipes and kitchen sinks! But I realized that the reason why I said “plumber” was because I remember watching the plumber work in our kitchen. I remember vividly the sweat dripping off his face and the stern look of concentration in fixing those leaky pipes. I wanted to have that same–for lack of a better word (or perhaps it is the right word)– passion. The passion in fixing something– pipes or otherwise. 

So now at 24, I dream of living a life of service and passion. As a budding social entrepreneur for Outliers, I get to do just that, every day, little by little. Outliers dreams of doing business differently for a better Philippines. I get to wake up every morning and find a new challenge and a newfound hope. One day I could be in meetings, brainstorming for the next community project or planning for a new social enterprise. On another day I get to visit the communities and talk to Nanays and laugh with the kids. Next morning I meet with NGOs, and in the evening I get to meet like-minded people. 

Every day is different, but they share the same goal, moving me one step closer to my dream. Maybe after all this time I did say the right thing at 4 years old. What do I want to be when I grow up? Perhaps not a plumber per se, but indeed, someone who is trying to fix something broken, transforming it into what it could be.


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