Select Team cruise in 2nd exhibition series: 3-0, 6-2, 6-0, and 2-1

DBP Pilipinas 14&Under was victorious in four outings against Nomads FC and Azitsirog FC.

A clear improvement from last week’s performance, the team came out with more discipline in keeping to their quick passing system. The team dominated ball possession and found multiple scoring opportunities in the 4 exhibition matches. The total team effort resulted in goals from several players, which included forwards Edrian Mendoza, Tyrone Yungot, and Hilaga recruit Jay Espinosa; midfielders Cedie Montemayor, Niel Musa, and DIS recruit Vincent Legaspi.

The reinforced roster included Hilaga Ng Kapalaran Striker Jay Espinosa and Goalkeeper Sherwin Villaflor who showed they can fit very well into the Dream Big system on their debut. Vincent Legaspi of Domuschola International School also debuted for the club and impressed with accurate through balls and shots from distance.


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