Tall Order: 14&Under Team humbled by Bannister Academy


CIRCULO VERDE –Towering over the DBP FA 14Under Select Team, The Bannister Academy HS Varsity Team muscled out 4 draws and a win in the Sunday morning friendly.


Bannister battled without substitutions for all 5 matches. The team consistently played high balls and counter attacks, which really put to display the team’s immense height and strength advantage. The team snuck in all 5 of its goals through breakaways and lapses in DBP FA’s defense.


Though DBP FA clearly held ball possession more and had more attempts on goal, the team unfortunately could not convert enough opportunities into points. Bannister effectively used their height and strength advantage, while DBP FA was unable to adjust throughout the games. Nonetheless, the team learned valuable lessons in making quicker decisions with the ball especially against taller and stronger teams. The team also learned the importance of communicating more in the field to cohesively manage both the offence and defense, particularly to capitalize on overlaps, and to thwart counters.


Notable: Striker Tayron Yongot impressed with ambitious multiple strikes on goal from distance, while keeping poised amidst team frustration on offence.


Match Results: 1-1 (D), 0-0 (D), 2-0 (L), 1-1 (L), 1-1 (L)


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