A Progressive Approach: Dream Big Pilipinas Kids go through scholarship assessment with IB World School


June 8 — Eleven (11) of our kids from Concepcion, Hilaga ng Kapalaran and Welfareville Village took an aptitude test (which includes proficiency in English and Math, plus an interview) last Friday night as part of the Scholarship Application Process of Domuschola International School, an IB World School in Pasig City, offering Progressive Primary and Secondary Education.


This is a pioneering effort for an international school in the Philippines, to take in students as full scholars without the need for exemplary academic marks. Instead, the school takes on full responsibility of bringing in children from Public Schools and extracting the very best out of them in various disciplines in numeracy, literacy, science, athletics, arts, speech, and many others. The scholarship grant is constant up to completion of secondary education.


Launching this campaign has even deeper roots in shaking the educational system of the country. The big thrust of the program is to share the importance of reforming our slow-developing traditional public school system, in the very fast-paced developing world we live in today. It is the shared belief of Dream Big Pilipinas FA and Domuschola International School that a clear majority of kids in Public Education who would like to get the most out of their schooling, fail to do so because of the scarcity of resources, effective programs, and conducive learning environment afforded to them. This is the area that the project would like to address and transform.

The scholarship evaluation results will be out and ready within the next 2 weeks.


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