A Different Kind of Scholarship, and A First Of Its Kind

Three children from Dream Big Pilipinas were provided full scholarships to Domuschola International School (DIS), an IB World School in Pasig City. The scholars are Michael Gonzales (7th grade), Xam Cariterro (7th Grade), and Yong Cabiles (6th Grade).

Unlike other scholarships where a track record of academic excellence is a prerequisite, the DIS scholarship program is not primarily based on academic achievements, but based on strong values formation, parent involvement, and students’ desire to be in the school. The program is a response to how majority of Filipino children experience difficulty thriving  in traditional education, as indicated by high drop rates, and low grades.

It is a shared belief of both institutions that for most children in public schools, low grades do NOT identify who is incapable of learning; instead, low grades are an indicator of a school’s failure to bring out the best in every child. The scholarship puts the renowned International Baccalaureate Program to light, and displays how differentiated learning and inquiry-based education works.

The 3 students, all from Barangay Addition Hills in Mandaluyong, underwent an extensive assessment process. Apart from testing for knowledge and skills in numeracy and literacy, the kids are required to be part of a recognized values formation program, while the parents are required to be actively and constantly involved in the development of their children.

The scholarship duration is from the students’ current grade levels, up to full completion of their secondary education. Entitlements from the school include full tuition and miscellaneous expenses, school supplies, class field trips and book rentals. Dream Big Pilipinas on the other hand, provides the values formation program, tutoring support, transportation, and sufficient nutrition.

The intention of the program is to display how progressive education is highly effective, and should be considered as part of the public school educational system in the country. The intention also is to showcase the project as a highly impactful program for other private schools to adopt into their social development portfolios.

All children should be provided the best education in the country, not because they are smart, skilled, or talented, but because as children, it is their right.


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