A foot at the door: Dream Big Pilipinas and Hedcen School meet for pick-up matches and scholarship scouting


Nov 17 – Dream Big Pilipinas sent its 14&U and 12& Contingent to Antipolo for a friendly match with Hedcen, a renowned trad-progressive school, best known for its stellar grassroots football program.

More than the result of the matches where both groups shared wins and loses, leaders of Hedcen and Dream Big Pilipinas discussed the possibility of further developing a scholarship program to include exceptionally gifted young athletes.


Hedcen, which is short for Holistic Education & Development Center, scouted players of Dream Big Pilipinas, and are currently eying a pair of talents to join the school on full scholarship and football training. The school is known in the local football scene as having a highly effective grassroots program, which has garnered countless championships and trophies –a rare feat for a small school competing on a national level. One big reason behind its success is how the Physical Education Program of all Hedcen students are geared towards high performance in the sport as early as preschool level. Hence, by the time students reach primary school, they are about 2-3 years exposed in the sport, many possessing advanced football skill sets at such a young age. It is no surprise that the school’s program has produced a handful of talents currently representing our youth national teams, and have gone on to enjoy full scholarships at the college level.

Dream Big Pilipinas is hopeful that the newly-established partnership will not only help improve the football program of our underserved communities, but will also produce more athletic scholars with Hedcen in the near future.


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