Head Start: Dream Big Pilipinas 7&U team debuts in 2012 Xavier Cup, 13&U Select Team shines

Dec 1 – Dream Big Pilipinas fielded its youngest contingent of players in the 2012 Xavier Cup, held in Xavier School, San Juan.


Jitters showed early for the team, during its first 2 matches against UP and La Salle. However, the team came alive and finished with a victory against Xavier Football Club, 4-0. The short-handed team, which featured just 7 players, bowed out early in the tournament due to fatigue and minor injuries.

In the same tournament, the 13&U Select team impressed inside the “group of death” category, which featured Premier Selection Teams from Manila Football School, Xavier, Hedcen, and Don Bosco.


The team came up just short of points to advance to the championship rounds; however, impressed in close matches against Hedcen (1-0) and MFS (2-1); and outclassed Xavier (5-0) and Don Bosco (7-0). Despite again being arguably the shortest team in the division, resilient players showed off their quick passing and team-play to control possession in all their matches.

Team finished the year strong and now looks forward to a tournament-packed 2013, with a very positive outlook.



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