Dream Big Pilipinas finishes 4th in Pinay FC Football Festival; bags best defender award

Jan 12 – With only little preparation and training behind them, the Dream Big Pilipinas FA ladies team well-exceeded expectations in their debut at the first ever Pinay FC ladies football festival in Taguig City.

The players were assembled from different communities on very short notice to test their football knowledge as a unit. Where chemistry is often a challenge for players in tournaments, especially for teams who haven’t played together enough, the team showed great trust in one another. Passing was very active, and support around the ball handlers were consistent. On top of this, players exchanged encouraging words throughout matches and even joked around on the field from time to time.

As a result, positivity was high, as was the fun level.

The team reached the elimination rounds with 2 wins and 2 draws –both draws coming from Mango FC, the club that eventually won the festival. Dream Big Pilipinas bowed out on penalty kicks against Payatas FC in the battle for 3rd.

Claire Carion, the team’s right back, bagged best defender of the tournament for consistently thwarting attacks and controlling possession from her flank.

Dream Big Pilipinas would like to thank the ladies of Pinay FC for an amazing tournament, and for providing our girls the opportunity to shine. We are extremely grateful.



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