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Who we are

Dream Big Pilipinas FA (DBP FA) is a legally registered association which embodies the belief that transformation of the Philippines, and altering the course of its future, is made possible through educating the youth in a new and innovative way.

For most in the country, people grew up having very moving dreams. At a young age, the world was about limitless imagination. Anything was possible. Big dreams inspired them, and inspired others. These were dreams of becoming a professional athlete, a teacher or a doctor, a scientist, and artist, an adventurer, dreams of traveling the world, etc. These dreams were a source of being fully alive, and being fully self-expressed.

Then somewhere down the road, particularly for the underprivileged youth, something happened. As children grew older, dreams quickly started to wilt. For many, because of considerations in finances, lack of parent support, lack of education, etc, life started to occur as one with little or no possibility for dreams to be fulfilled. As a result, children slowly gave up their dreams and slowly became resigned to their unfavorable circumstances and resigned to a predictable future. Children gradually became disempowered, owning conversations like, “I’m not good enough”, I’m not big enough”, or “That’s impossible for me.”

The commitment of DBP FA is to transform this way of being. DBP FA’s aim is to bring back the Big Dreams, for people to get that anything they want for their lives is possible through commitment and resilience to pursue dreams despite circumstances.

Please contact us at dreambigpilipinas@gmail.com to find out how you can help.

How we do it: Football as an intervention tool for transforming a community

Our focus is with the underprivileged homeless youth, who currently lack the means and the know-how to create a life that empowers them and others around them. We place children ages 7-17, into a holistic program that covers academic assistance, values formation, and football development. We believe that both the academic and athletic aspects of our program help develop a well rounded background. This in turn will serve as a medium for the kids to learn important life skills that will help them on the road to fulfilling their dreams.

All kids inside the program are carefully monitored and are given special attention in areas they are assessed to be below par on. Systems such as group and one-on-one teachings in academics, values formation, and sports, are in place to make very personal connections with all the children, and enroll them into owning the vision and promise of DBP FA. As a result of being in the program, participants get that they have the power to transform their lives, take action and inspire others to take on the possibilities they are creating for themselves, their country, and the world.

Dream Big Pilipinas currently works with three villages in Mandaluyong (Barangay Buayang Bato, Welfareville Compound and Barangka Drive).

Please contact us at dreambigpilipinas@gmail.com to find out how you can help.

More on the Football Program

We train our kids twice a week at Nayon ng Kabataan which is a DSWD facility in Mandaluyong City. Training is conducted by Coach Ed Qua Hiansen, Coach Jess Landayan and Coach Mic Bermundo with assistance from senior and junior volunteer coaches. We currently coach more than 100 children of various skill levels from 7 years old till 16 years old.

Training is comprised of conditioning drills, skills based drills and tactical lessons. More importnantly, expereinces of players are voiced out and shared in the group for processing and application of key skills and attitudes very relevant in all other areas of life. Part of the program is making the children get that there is much to learn about life through football, and it is through football that allows us to creat workability in life with family, life with friends, and life in school.

We create relationships with parents of all participants and enter into a relationship of accountability: together, we commit that all children inside the program, should remain in school, keep grades up, are disallowed to work, and commit to a weekly values formation program.

Please contact us at dreambigpilipinas@gmail.com to find out how you can help.

More on Academics

We have two core academic goals: developing literacy (reading and writing skills) and numeracy. We try to make learning meaningful and fun through a variety of activities and games.

We use bilingual books so that kids can work on their English and Filipino at the same time. This exposes them to proper grammar and spelling. The kids greatly vary in English fluency for both speaking and writing. For example, younger children spell phonetically e.g. istar vs. star, iskul vs. school, cut vs. cat. We’d like them to practice their English and be exposed to it as much as possible since they do not get to speak at home or with their friends.

Generally, the weaker readers read with assistance from us, particularly when they don’t know how to pronounce a word or understand its meaning. We ask them questions about plot, characters, setting etc. and get them to predict what will happen next. The older readers get asked about themes or the moral of the story. Whatever they claim they must back up with direct textual references. These activities build comprehension.

Once the kids start writing, we have them correct their own writing and make rewrites. It’s important to give them steady feedback so they know how to improve. It’s also crucial to be enthusiastic, supportive and respectful as you cannot force learning upon them. If they see the value in what they do, they’ll be intrinsically motivated to excel.

Please contact us at dreambigpilipinas@gmail.com to find out how you can help.

The Scholarship Program

What is critical to their development, are the high school and university scholarships that Dream Big Pilipinas provides to deserving children who have exhibited leadership skills as well as have made significant contributions to their community. Through close monitoring and efficient data management, the program allows Dream Big Pilipinas to effectively pitch for scholarships and gather funds for each individual participant who displays exceptional performance in sports, and/or academics, and who displays good moral fiber.

More than 300 children within Metro Manila have benefited from the program thus far. And after just a month of launching the scholarship program, 5 children are now enjoying full scholarships in private high schools –one student in particular was accepted into the Don Bosco High School on our full scholarship.

Through these initiatives, Dream Big Pilipinas seeks to serve as an instrument in the elimination of poverty in the Philippines by encouraging children to Dream Big and keep their Dream alive.

Please contact us at dreambigpilipinas@gmail.com to find out how you can help.

Affiliations and Legalities

The founders of DBP FA started operations in 2010. DBP FA became a legally registered association early this year. The group is composed of 5 directors who split management of the Academic, Athletic, Values Formation, and Scholarship Divisions. The association has a pool of volunteers who help with operations on a weekly basis. All volunteers and directors, do not receive any payment for their work in DBP FA, and all have their own jobs. The team works together weekday evenings, and weekends.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” – Anatole France

Please contact us at dreambigpilipinas@gmail.com to find out how you can help.


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