Our Football Academy

We recently launched our Football Academy in Valle Verde 2 Park and run sessions for kids on weekend mornings. The DBP Football Academy is the fundraising division of DBP Football Association. Proceeds from participation fees will provide funding for the high school football scholars under its Scholarship Program, and will provide for the continued growth of its grassroots football program in underprivileged communities. Intention is for proceeds from every 10-session clinic completed, to fund one scholar for a full schoolyear.

The Program

Our current clinic titled Football Foundations is open to all kids from Elementary to High School from age 4 to 16.

Football Foundations aims to equip participants with fundamentals in ball control, passing and shooting. Objective of Football Foundations is to provide participants with a high level of familiarity and confidence when playing the game of football.

The football program is well-structured and patterned after the Asian Football Confederation Coaching Program. The clinic is headed by Coach Miguel Bermundo, a Director of DBP FA and licensed coach of the Asian Football Confederation.

What sets us apart from other clubs is our coaching body. Our team consists of coaches who are each responsible for 6 students during every session. The 6:1 Player-Coach ratio guarantees maximum supervision and highly differentiated learning for every participant throughout the program.

For inquiries on how to join the program, please contact us at dreambigpilipinas@gmail.com.

Expansion To New Areas

We are in the process of expanding to 2 new locations this year, and are aggressive in expanding our cause further to communities who welcome us. Email us to find out how to create a football club in your area.

Contact us at dreambigpilipinas@gmail.com.


One thought on “Our Football Academy

  1. Raymund Villastique says:

    you guys have room for another coach? 😀

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